Destination Wedding: Taos!

This sweet couple came all the way from Massachusetts to New Mexico for their destination wedding at El Monte Sagrado, a four diamond resort in Northern New Mexico. Many people claim that Taos is a magical place, and this couple may agree. The pouring rain stopped in perfect timing for this wedding ceremony to start. And the rain commenced again as soon as I packed up my camera gear. Congratulations to these awesome East Coast newly weds! May the luck of wedding-day-rain follow you forever!

Destination Wedding Get-Away

This couple traveled from Texas to New Mexico to elope in Taos! The wedding ceremony took place at Touchstone Inn which is a green oasis in this Northern New Mexico desert land. The green grass, shade, and pleasant breeze kept all cool and comfortable in the early summer heat. What fun to walk around and shoot some romantics inside and outside this bed and breakfast, so many interesting rooms adorned with beautiful art!

Rio Grande Gorge Bridge Elopement

Every bride and groom have a story! This fantastic couple was married to each other twenty years ago. They raised three sons. They experienced some hardships and decided to get divorced. After living apart for several years, they realized they couldn’t survive without one another. So they eloped to Northern New Mexico to remarry and restart “happily every after.” This wedding took place next to the breathtaking Rio Grande Gorge. The ceremony was perfect and the smiles and tears were touching and sincere.

Gay Wedding on Snowy Autumn Day

George and David eloped! This wonderful Colorado couple began their life together 31 years ago. They had a previous commitment ceremony but before their Taos wedding, their union was not recognized legally. This intimate wedding was going to take place outside at the Taos Courthouse, but after consideration these gentlemen decided to get married outdoors in Arroyo Seco. Mother Nature sent snow on the day of the October wedding, so instead the beautiful ceremony (officiated by Judge Jeff McElroy) took place in the great room at The Cottonwood Inn. I had the honor to be one of the official witnesses and was proud to sign this same-sex marriage license!

Gay and Lesbian Weddings — New in New Mexico!

Couples are traveling to New Mexico to take advantage of the fact that this is the 17th state in the nation to honor same-sex marriages and offer gay marriage licenses. In Northern New Mexico, the attitude regarding this new law is positive and welcoming. Now that gay marriage is federally recognized, couples are coming to Taos County for their destination weddings. Many of these weddings are spontaneous elopements as couples have been together and planning the ceremonies for decades. I have been a witness for several elopements and I am honored to be a part of the license signing and the photo documentation of the day.

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