Gay and Lesbian Weddings — New in New Mexico!

Couples are traveling to New Mexico to take advantage of the fact that this is the 17th state in the nation to honor same-sex marriages and offer gay marriage licenses. In Northern New Mexico, the attitude regarding this new law is positive and welcoming. Now that gay marriage is federally recognized, couples are coming to Taos County for their destination weddings. Many of these weddings are spontaneous elopements as couples have been together and planning the ceremonies for decades. I have been a witness for several elopements and I am honored to be a part of the license signing and the photo documentation of the day.

It’s Legal! Same Sex Marriage Weddings in Taos!

What fun to document the first time that same sex marriage licenses were issued in Taos County! New Mexicans came to the courthouse to pick up their marriage licenses and to get married! At least four weddings took place immediately, directly in front of the Taos County Courthouse. There were tears of joy and sounds of happiness as people finally began their “legal” road of “happily ever after.”

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