4th of July Elopement in Forest

He traveled from Oregon and she traveled from Mississippi and they eloped in Taos, NM! We had such a good time hanging out in the woods, off a trail in El Salto. The morning air was cool and the woods were quiet. The ceremony, license signing, toast, and formal photos took just about one hour and then we all headed into Arroyo Seco for the famous 4th of July parade down Main Street! I love 4th of July weddings, something about getting married on a day that celebrates independence, it’s delightfully ironic!

Penasco Family Portraits

Family portraits are not only for when you have small children. Family portraits are to document the different stages your family goes through. Family portraits show how you grow and change as a family.
This family from Penasco, NM came to Taos for their outdoor family photo session. The portraits were not painful and I think it’s very possible that we all actually had fun!

Engagement Shoot in Carson National Forest

This adorable couple lives in Colorado but are having their destination wedding in our little mountain town of Taos! There are many benefits to having a Taos wedding. The delicious food and amazing views alone are incredible entertainment for your guests, but the best reason is that your wedding takes you to another place to have a unique event in a place that is totally yours.

Flower Girls and Ring Bearers

A few cute children waiting to walk up the aisle can create a little entertainment for the guests before the wedding ceremony even begins. This wedding had a processional with six children walking up the aisle before the bride and groom. There was some serious corralling and herding of these kids…almost all made it up the aisle. It was fun to watch the little ones throughout the rest of the ceremony as well.

Family Photos with 3-Year-Old And 3-Month-Old Children

When I commented to this mom about how her children were so well behaved, she laughed and mentioned that all the meltdowns came at home earlier in the day! To me, these children seemed perfect. We knocked out the photos in this shoot in less than 40 minutes, it was dreamy.

In a family shoot we try to get the entire group together, and break the shots down into whatever you prefer as well. For instance in this family shoot, we captured photographs of mom and dad together, photos of the kids together, and photos of all four family members together. Some people also want photos of the kids individually, and mom with the kids, and dad with the kids, etc.

To take a successful photo shoot with a baby involved, the photos with the baby need to be done within 45 minutes. After 45 minutes the baby will get tired and of course turns into a pumpkin as well (just making sure you are still reading)! The morning meltdowns and kids getting tired after 45 minutes is a small price to pay for a family photo session where the smiles are documented forever.