Dear Deanna,
Now that the dust has settled, we wanted to reach out again and thank you for really going over and above the call of duty in order to document our favorite day ever with your amazing work!!

We, of course, were in the moment and not really keeping track of time, but we realized after the fact you spent far more time with us than you’d originally agree to. And coming to meet us at the earthship was also just a reflection of your generosity and kindness and how much you enjoy your work. We truly appreciate you–not only your time and talent, but your warm personality. It was very fun getting to know you a little bit on Saturday!

If we can do anything to support you or your business in the future, please just let us know (write a review, comment on your website, etc.) We are so excited to get the photos and see all your beautiful work!, and we look forward to hearing from you in a few weeks.

Erin (& Brett)

Hi Deanna,

Thank you for everything! You are absolutely the best!

Thanks again!!!


Sonya (and Adam)

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