Prenatal Photography Session

The “baby” in these photos turned one-year old this week! These maternity shots were taken last year and have been sitting in my blog “drafts” ever since then. It’s been a busy year for me as much as these new parents!

Maternity shoots are fun because the photos are memories of a pregnancy *and* memories of yourself before your life endured a major change! Some women want the shoot to be of only themselves, some women want to include their partner. Whatever you choose, we will document this special time with memories that will make you smile 20 years down the road.

Wintertime Pregnancy in Taos

This February shoot was chilly but the photos came out terrific! The lines and the dramatic contrast achieved in winter photography are interesting and visually exciting. Many people have their minds set on a ‘green’ background, or something with flowers. It’s hard to explain that the beauty and calm of snow actually brings warmth to an image. The cold adds a little natural rosy color to skin and keeps us laughing and having a good time! Even if it’s wintertime, call and schedule your outdoor maternity photo session to document your pregnancy! We are ready for the temporary cold if you are!

Prenatal Photo Sessions

We love photographing women in the prime of their pregnancy! A prenatal shoot with Poetic Images only takes about 45 minutes and we get so many wonderful and memorable images! Some women want to show their bare belly, some do not, and either way is fine. We encourage mommy to bring along a few different maternity outfits, and a favorite baby onesie or booties for some more creative photographs; we always get those traditional baby bump shots as well. We shoot all maternity photos after 35 weeks so we can get the full scope of that beautiful, pregnant, round body. Look ahead and call us today schedule your third trimester photo session.