Boudoir Photos for Modeling Portfolio

Nicolette has been modeling for artists for over a decade; I was so pleased for the opportunity to photograph this beautiful, native Taosena! Nicolette admits that she was very nervous prior to her photo session, but within 15 minutes we were both talking and laughing and she was totally relaxed.
There is more to being a studio photographer than just pushing the button on the camera. I pride myself on a shining personality that allows me to easily chat and connect with my clients. Without this connection, I feel it would be difficult to execute even one image that truly represents the personality of my subject.

Boudoir Session with Beautiful Taoseña Native

Yvette has an exotic look that photographs so well! We scheduled this photography shoot because Yvette has never had a professional studio session before; she is an awesome model and I love helping her build up her portfolio!
I have recently learned that boudoir photography became popular in the United States in the 1920’s when very affluent married couples would commission a photographer to take elegant “bedroom photos” to hang in their house. These photos sessions usually featured only women, and almost never were the subjects in the nude.

Boudoir Session to Celebrate “50 and Fabulous”

Deb wanted to give herself the best 50th birthday present ever–so she decided on a boudoir photo shoot here at Poetic Images by Deanna! Deb brought in some different props (the masks are so cool!) and outfits, and we created photographs that show off this gorgeous woman in various poses: sexy, sassy, classy, unique, and beautiful. Boudoir sessions are for women and men of all shapes and sizes. These sessions are not only fun, but they build up your confidence in the fact that yes, you do look beautiful on camera!

Classy Boudoir Portraits in Private Studio

This beautiful woman wanted some gorgeous, and sexy, nude photographs for herself. She wants to have these so someday she can look back at these images and smile. She said that maybe she will share these photos with her boyfriend, but really it was a gift to herself. I do a lot of boudoir sessions and many times women and men have these photos taken for their spouse, partner, or significant other (which is always appreciated by the receiver, I’m sure). But I do find people doing these photo shoot for themselves, especially fantastic and admirable. Here’s to you!

Sexy Boudoir Shots

Set up an appointment for a boudoir sitting so we can capture the seductive side of you!! Boudoir prints and albums are the perfect way to bring a smile to your partner’s face. Whether you are saying, “I love you,” or “Happy Birthday,” we will document your sexiest angles so you can really express your message clearly! Our private studio delivers utmost comfort and our photograph’s images will deliver the classiest of product.