“Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.” –Dr. Suess

I knew SOMETHING would make me inspired to start blogging again. Whew, the last few months have been rough! Am I right?!

The Class of 2020…bonded forever from a pandemic… This was a very special shoot for me because it’s my nephew. I shot this over several visits to Abq from Oct to February. Before Covid. How did we get this done before Covid? SO MANY seniors still haven’t had their senior shoot done. So many seniors wont have a senior shoot done this year, because everything is different. I’ve cried for this senior class and I’ve laughed with this senior class. I’ve joined Zoom graduation parties online and watched commencement celebrations done online by the best of the best. My heart hurts for this senior class. I can’t imagine not giving my friends hugs on my graduation day. But in the long run, it’s a really good story. And no one will ever forget what they were doing in the spring of 2020. And while everyone else went on with their lives as much as normal, the seniors graduated, and are moving onto a really big adventure no matter what the next step is. So Congrats to Josiah and to all of these other amazing seniors and cheers to many awesome days ahead. Love you!!!

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