Deanna and Wyatt were stuck in New Mexico when the entire country shut down due to Covid in May of 2020. Forced into backcountry camping, these two to completely fell in love with Carson National Forest and the beauty of northern New Mexico. They decided to travel back to Taos this summer to discover some new places and revisit some places that were closed the first time they came through. And that’s when Wyatt proposed to Deanna…and the wedding planning began, for a New Mexico wedding! This destination wedding will take place at Shady Brook in Taos Canyon in July of 2022!

We shot some pics at the future wedding site at Shady Brook, and with the sign that welcomed them to their future wedding venue. Afterwards we popped over to a nearby campground and had a great hike up to the popular cave of Taos Canyon. The trail was quiet and cool and the forest was lusciously green after the six weeks of recent monsoons.
Congratulations to Deanna and Wyatt and cheers to their upcoming New Mexico wedding!

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