Portraits of a New Baby

This gorgeous new baby came into the world at the end of May and was only six-weeks-old for this shoot. In 14 years of shooting, I have never had a 6-week-old smiling on-command! This baby also rolls over already…what an advanced little model! We had fun with little Maya, and after the shoot her sister, Luka (the dog), wanted to get some professional portraits in a tutu too!
We love shooting at your home for these new baby shoots. Not only does it make the baby more comfortable but it helps mama not have to leave home as well! If you are pregnant, schedule your baby’s first shoot now!

Big Sister and New Baby Brother

As soon as the temperatures started to warm up in Taos, Airen called to schedule an appointment for a photo session of her children! This beautiful baby boy is six months old and his awesome big sister is five years old. Brother has mom’s eyes and Sister has dad’s eyes. This family of four had beautiful smiles and we captured their essence in under 45 minutes. Sometimes my job is too easy!! I am looking forward to working with this family again next spring!!