Wedding Under Taos Cottonwoods

Amanda and Jason came to Taos from Albuquerque to recite their wedding nuptials at the green resort, El Monte Sagrado. This June day was absolutely perfect for a wedding. The grass was green and the flowers around this resort were in bloom and fragrant. The reception followed the ceremony in the Rio Grande Ballroom where the bride and groom had their first dance. The wedding party consisted of four girls, four guys, a flower girl, and a ring bearer.

El Monte Sagrado– The Sacred Circle

“We have all stood in places that made us pause and feel the earth beneath our feet — the Sacred Circle is just such a place. At the heart of El Monte Sagrado, this green space of 80-year-old cottonwood trees is said to have once been a Native American dancing ground. Flowing waterfalls, stone water sculptures, a wooden footbridge, and a trout-stocked pond invite you to stop and enjoy the moment. Lush regional plants and flowers offer a place to meditate, contemplate and relax. The Sacred Circle is also a very special venue for private events and weddings.” –Taken from the El Monte Sagrado website

El Monte Sagrado’s Food Delights!

The El Monte Sagrado goes above and beyond to serve the most delicious and exquisite food in the Town of Taos! No matter what your event (wedding, anniversary, baby shower, etc), the El Monte allows you to come for your own personal “tasting” so you know exactly what you want (and what to expect) on your menu for your special occasion. Not only is the food incredible, but the service is unbelievable too. Allow yourself to be catered and pampered when you come to the El Monte, allow yourself to expect the best!

The Traditions and Customs of Wedding Day

There are many different traditions that are part of a wedding ceremony, and many of these customs have been practiced for several centuries. Ciara and Andrew implemented many different traditions into their wedding day, some of the explanations of these traditions are listed below.

Ring Exchange: First marital ring exchange dates back to 4800 years ago!
The Kiss: Token of bonding and exhange of spirits
Bridal Flowers: The bouquet signifies a woman in bloom!
Wedding Veil: A woman’s face covered by a veil means she is spoken for.
The Garter: Was believed (in 14th century Europe) having a piece of the bride’s clothing was a good luck. The bride would throw a garter to keep guests from ripping off a piece of her wedding dress.
Wedding party favor: In the late 1800’s, it was common for the married couple to send their guests home with a cardboard box filled with almonds.
Bridesmaids/Groomsmen: Originated from Roman Law which required ten witnesses at a wedding to outsmart evil spirits.

(Information on traditions taken from and

Another Perfect Wedding at El Monte Sagrado

Kelsey and Adam escaped the heat in Oklahoma to enjoy a July wedding at the El Monte Sagrado here in Taos, NM. The wedding party of 14 included five bridesmaids and five groomsmen, two ushers, the attendant for the flower girl, and the flower girl…who is also a Miniature Dachshund (“Tootsie”).

Kelsey and her bridesmaids got ready in El Monte’s Kama Sutra suite. This suite is a favorite for wedding day as the hand carved wood in the room features couples engaged in various sexual positions.

Heather Miro (et al) perfected the bridesmaids hair and makeup; Mercedes Valdez, owner of Elegante Florals, designed gorgeous bouquets and adorned the altar floor with white rose petals.

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