Catching Smiles in our Photography Studio

During the cold winter days here in Northern New Mexico, we are grateful to use our private (and warm) studio in Taos to capture your child’s portraits. Lola’s mommy wanted photographs of her daughter “in her element” and I believe we accomplished that in this photo shoot. Lola has a very theatrical side to her and we caught her happy, sad, playful, and serious moods. Lola loves her dog, high heels, and the color pink.

Classy Boudoir Portraits in Private Studio

This beautiful woman wanted some gorgeous, and sexy, nude photographs for herself. She wants to have these so someday she can look back at these images and smile. She said that maybe she will share these photos with her boyfriend, but really it was a gift to herself. I do a lot of boudoir sessions and many times women and men have these photos taken for their spouse, partner, or significant other (which is always appreciated by the receiver, I’m sure). But I do find people doing these photo shoot for themselves, especially fantastic and admirable. Here’s to you!

Sexy Boudoir Shots

Set up an appointment for a boudoir sitting so we can capture the seductive side of you!! Boudoir prints and albums are the perfect way to bring a smile to your partner’s face. Whether you are saying, “I love you,” or “Happy Birthday,” we will document your sexiest angles so you can really express your message clearly! Our private studio delivers utmost comfort and our photograph’s images will deliver the classiest of product.

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