Real Estate Photography for your Air B&B or VRBO Rental Home

I always love shooting real estate photos. There is virtually no posing and/or worrying about the subject moving. The light either is available or needs to be provided, there isn’t a worry of hack lighting or blowing out a wedding dress from the bright sun. The lighting could be called “easy.”
Call Poetic Images by Deanna to get some fantastic photos that will help sell your Air B&B or VRBO home rental. The owner of this condo said his bookings went up immediately after he updated his Air B&B listing with new, professional photos. Wow!

Photos for Taos Home Rental

Yes, of course we will take photos of your Taos rental for your VRBO or Airbnb listing! In under an hour we can get 25 awesome high-resolution images for to use on your rental website. Our wide angle lens and natural light will compliment your house and help “sell” your listing. Put away your point-and-shoot and allow professional photographers to capture the essence of your home!