This bride and groom, from Texas, planned their elopement to be in Taos, NM, in October… and they sweetly included their mothers in on the details, the planning, and ultimately the ceremony itself! You KNOW the moms are special when they are invited to ‘tag along’ to an elopement! These moms felt so honored and I spoke with them as many (if not more) times than the bride and groom before their wedding day.
The Taos Ski Valley was the decided location for this short ceremony! Brandi and Robert found a location that included the looming mountains and pine trees. Because of the pandemic and the New Mexico lockdown, there were very few people out-and-about and we felt like the entire mountain was ours. Additionally, we all made a new bird-friend who particularly loved to follow the groom around. We had many laughs and captured some great shots.

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