Even if you aren’t a “flowery person,” there’s no doubt about it, the flowers are an important asset to your wedding pictures! Flowers are a burst of color in your photos and can add a little bit of brightness to what is often a photo with a black suit and white dress. Your flowers can be an expression of your favorite season, color, or plant. A great florist can help you incorporate succulents, wildflowers, or even pieces of beautiful weeds and golden wheat into your wedding bouquet. Wedding bouquets can be wrapped in burlap, hemp, ribbon, and twine to really show your style. A bouquet can be giant (helps to bring out your bicep muscles in your photos, haha), or tiny. They can be long or short stem. I’ve seen glass bouquets, clay bouquets, and dried flower bouquets. The imagination is the limit.
I love it when brides have stunning flowers to hold. I love using the flowers as a frame for a bride’s face, or as a background for a traditional ring photograph. I feel like the flowers are an important piece of the wedding for many reasons and should be included 100% of the time.

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