The Enchanted Circle is a 80 mile scenic-byway that circles through Northern New Mexico. The rural beauty of this area is exquisite as it’s dotted with old mining towns, camping areas, forest and mountains, lakes, canyons, and meadows. Cara and Jim love tiny breweries and seek them out, this is their hobby! When they discovered Comanche Creek Brewery, they were certain that it would be the site of their New Mexico elopement which happened last month! Their December, pandemic elopement, was our last elopement package in 2020. It was a gorgeous morning in late December and there was not a cloud in the perfect blue sky. A fresh blanket of snow and the seven degree temperature definitely reminded us that it was wintertime! True to form, Dan Jones of Embracing Ceremony officiated a gorgeous ceremony that encapsulated how this couple met and beauty of the mountains and snow around us. A wedding to remember and a thought: there is nothing like a New Mexico wedding!!

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