Hearing Impaired Brides Elope to Taos

It was such a great pleasure to photograph these brides, whom are hearing impaired! These gals were so amazing to watch during the wedding ceremony. The emotion that they exhibited in their signing was beautiful. The vows were interpreted so everyone knew what these women were signing; as so these women knew what the minister was speaking. I loved how these ladies held one another’s vows when it was time to “recite” them, how they were so connected through their eyes. Congratulations to these lovely gals! I am excited to photograph another hearing impaired wedding!

Destination Wedding: Taos!

Marianne said that she googled, “best place to have wedding” and El Monte Sagrado (a four diamond resort) in Taos, NM came up! So Marianne and Brian came were married at the El Monte, in Taos. The day was cloudy but the rain held off and the light was perfect. Marianne and Brian were all smiles as they tied the knot. This couple LOVED New Mexico and can’t wait to come back again!