The Last Day of 2016

Traci and Jon have a true love story. They dated in high school and twenty years later they reconnect and realize they are still in love! Their New Year’s Eve day wedding was celebrated at a retreat center between Dixon and Embudo. The ceremony was situated perfectly on the river, under a gazebo, next to an outdoor fire place. The sound of the river was the only music required for a completely tranquil spot. Ted Wiard, good friend of Jon, officiated the ceremony.
This couple began their honeymoon in 2017, a new year and refreshing way to start a marriage and a lifetime together.

Wedding at Presbyterian Church in Dixon, NM

Cassandra and Joe were married at the 1st Presbyterian Church south of Taos in a little village called Dixon. The Presbyterian Church has a beautiful red altar that sets off the photos with color and contrast. Cassandra carried a lavender and purple wedding bouquet and had the aisle adorned in lavender and purple flowers. Congratulations to Cassandra and Joe!