Taos Tango business photo shoot

Mike Malixi and Carrie Field have been teaching Argentine Tango in Taos since 2009. Mike has been dancing Tango for 9 years while Carrie has been dancing Tango for 6 years. They have traveled to Buenos Aires many times to study from master instructors and bring their experience home. Mike and Carrie’s dance and teaching style has been influenced by their studies with Gustavo Naveira, Julio Balmaceda, Corina de la Rosa, Fabian Salas, Carolina del Rivera, Cecila Garcia, and David Cohen.

Carrie has taught Pilates, Yoga and Gyrotonic® for the last 20 years and holds certifications in all three practices. Carrie incorporates her technical understanding of the body in her Tango teaching. Mike’s Tango teaching is influenced by his years of study in martial arts. Together they are committed to building a community of dancers in Taos where they offer weekly classes, practicas and organize monthly dance events.


Engagement Shoot Prep for Winter Wedding

An engagement sitting is an opportunity for the future bride and groom to meet their photographer and for us all to get to know one another before the wedding day. An engagement shoot can be done at the Taos location of your choice. We usually encourage our clients to bring a change of clothing so we can get some more casual photographs, and some more dressy pictures as well. This couple will tie-the-knot at a winter wedding in Red River, NM.

Yoga Mama and Daughter

This is Erika of Octopus Arts with her amazing daughter, Gaia. These two ladies have been doing yoga together since Gaia was a toddler! Erika is very active in the Taos community as she teaches different yoga classes privately, at Shree Yoga, and at the Northside Health and Fitness Center here in Taos, NM. Erika specializes in prenatal yoga, children’s yoga, and advanced adult yoga. We took these photographs for Erika’s website and for advertising purposes. Call for your business photo session today!

Taos Spring Engagement Pictures

Amy and Miguel will have a summer wedding, so springtime is the perfect time to take their engagement photographs!
This couple is so sweet and every time they look at one another, they smile in happiness. While they were waiting for me to set up for a shot, they would look at one another with a beautiful gaze while smiling and talking. Many times I would catch them in a beautiful and candid pose and I would order, “Freeze!–Don’t move a muscle!” to get this shot, so romantic it almost looks set up!

A Mama, A Papa, and Two Beautiful Babies

Jessica and Mario are very busy parents of the cutest set of twins! Speaking as an experienced photographer, it is extremely difficult to get one kid to look (and smile) at the camera, what an extra challenge to get TWO children to cooperate! We all laughed as we chased around these kiddos, trying our hardest to get the kids in the right place at the right time. The fun never stops during family photography sessions!

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