It was the hottest day of 2020 during this midafternoon vow renewal and elopement package, the grass was crunchy and the earth radiated extreme New Mexico heat at 104 degrees. This couple was as cool as cucumbers at their vow renewal at Bareiss Gallery at the blinking-light in Taos, NM. Katy and Daniel and their cutest-in-the-world baby had a pandemic get away from Colorado to Taos, NM for their private ceremony in front of sacred Taos Mountain. After this couples initial wedding five years ago, these two went through hell and back. This ceremony was a symbol of their renewal and promise of love and light. Although officiant Dan Jones, and I were suffering from the heat, this husband and wife were so into each other and only noticed one another and the babbling of their baby. After the wedding ceremony, this couple had a champagne toast with the owner of Bareiss Gallery and we ran around the sculpture garden for a few fun shots. Cheers to this awesome family and their new vows to give their love strength and story.

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