Taos Wedding on New Year’s Day!

Laila and Joe came all the way from Oklahoma City, OK to get married in Taos, NM! This small and intimate wedding was held at Hacienda del Sol, a bed and breakfast in Taos that caters to many destination weddings. The brisk air didn’t stop this couple from stepping outside to take some pictures with the beautiful and wintery backgrounds that January in Taos offers. The ceremony took place inside of the charming hacienda, in front of a warm fireplace, with Reverend Karen Baldwin officiating.

Creative Wedding Aisle With Fall Leaves

Audrey and Robert had an intimate wedding ceremony at a Taos bed and breakfast, Hacienda del Sol. This couple walked down a unique aisle of green grass, created by absence of the beautiful autumn leaves that covered the rest of the Hacienda’s grounds. The mountains were a gorgeous backdrop to a perfect ceremony. Jimmy Stadler played acoustic guitar and there was a crisp autumn feeling in the air. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, there is NOTHING like a Taos wedding!

Fall Wedding by the River

There is nothing like a beautiful New Mexico fall foliage wedding on the banks of the Rio Grande. Rachel and Warren were married with a gorgeous backdrop of the river and lovely fall colors. They adorned the property with pumpkins and created the aisle with golden aspen leaves.

Autumn Engagement Photo Sitting

An engagement sitting is an excellent way for you to get to know your photographer before your wedding day. An engagement session is casual and low key and doesn’t carry the “pressure” that wedding day brings. I always encourage my clients to bring two outfits to their engagement shoot: something casual and something a bit more dressy, this way there will be a different “feel” to your photographs. I love to do many different poses, both traditional and contemporary. Engagement sittings can be done in our studio or at any location (indoor or outdoor) here in Taos, NM.

The Traditions and Customs of Wedding Day

There are many different traditions that are part of a wedding ceremony, and many of these customs have been practiced for several centuries. Ciara and Andrew implemented many different traditions into their wedding day, some of the explanations of these traditions are listed below.

Ring Exchange: First marital ring exchange dates back to 4800 years ago!
The Kiss: Token of bonding and exhange of spirits
Bridal Flowers: The bouquet signifies a woman in bloom!
Wedding Veil: A woman’s face covered by a veil means she is spoken for.
The Garter: Was believed (in 14th century Europe) having a piece of the bride’s clothing was a good luck. The bride would throw a garter to keep guests from ripping off a piece of her wedding dress.
Wedding party favor: In the late 1800’s, it was common for the married couple to send their guests home with a cardboard box filled with almonds.
Bridesmaids/Groomsmen: Originated from Roman Law which required ten witnesses at a wedding to outsmart evil spirits.

(Information on traditions taken from bridallistings.com and wikipedia.com)