After your wedding, when your dress is cleaned and put away, and your cake and flowers are gone, you’ll still have the photographs. Poetic Images will forever capture the memories and moments that make your wedding day special.

beautiful fingernails for wedding flowergirl
Wedding Reception at Taos Country Club
El Monte Sagrado Ballroom
Taos Wedding Photographer
A Taos, NM Country Club Wedding
children for wedding photographer
Our Lady of Guadalupe Cathedral in Downtown Taos, NM
Taos Wedding
A Taos, NM Country Club Wedding
Taos groom
Fall Wedding by the River
Angel Fire Wedding Photography
Angel Fire Wedding Bliss
taos bride flowers and bridesmaids
Wedding at St. James Episcopal Church in Taos
Taos Wedding Photographer
Scottish Wedding with a Southwest Flair
summer wedding at the plaza
A Taos Plaza Wedding